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The Project Credit Interpretation Ruling (Project CIR) process is designed to allow Project Teams to obtain technical guidance on how LEED requirements including Minimum Program Requirements (MPR), Prerequisites, and Credits pertain to their projects.

A Project CIR may be submitted at any time. If a Project Team determines that a Project CIR is needed, the entire process must be completed using the LEED Online Formal Inquiries tab. Within LEED Online v2 and v3, project teams may select and submit a formal inquiry for a particular MPR, credit or prerequisite. In addition, potential LEED 2009 Project Teams may elect to submit a formal inquiry independent of a registered project by logging into LEED Online v3 and clicking on the Formal Inquiries tab Regardless of the format for submission, each formal inquiry shall pertain to no more than one LEED requirement.

Project Teams shall not submit Project CIR requests in the format of a letter. Inquiries shall contain only the specific issues and the essential background information necessary for a ruling. Project CIR requests shall not contain in excess of 600 words or alternatively 5000 characters including spaces. Furthermore, Project Teams shall not submit attachments, cut-sheets, plans or drawings with any formal inquiry. The exception being LEED for Neighborhood Development projects which are allowed to submit a site plan.

Project Teams must submit the formal inquiry and the Project CIR with their LEED application in order to ensure a complete review.

Project Teams should note that neither the credit language nor the minimum achievement thresholds can be changed through the Project CIR process. Furthermore, Project CIRs do not in any way guarantee that a LEED MPR, prerequisite or credit will be satisfied or achieved. The project team must still demonstrate and document satisfaction of all LEED requirements during the LEED certification process. In addition, project teams must adhere to the Project CIRs received for their projects.

All Project CIRs for all rating systems, including pre-LEED 2009 and current versions will be project specific. As a result, the ruling will only apply to the specific project for which the Project CIR was submitted. Accordingly, the Project CIR will not be precedent-setting and will not automatically carry forth and apply to other projects submitted by the same or any other project team. All previously public and precedent-setting CIRs which pertained to pre-LEED 2009 rating systems are now included in LEED Interpretations and Addenda database on

Project CIRs that were requested prior to the start of the LEED Interpretations program have already been or will be reviewed for their applicability as a LEED Interpretation. Project CIR requests submitted from approximately July 2009 to June 2010 that were determined to be precedent-setting will be summarized and included in the database in the second quarterly posting, due May 2011. Those Project CIRs that were received after June 2010 will continue to be reviewed by UGSBC and posted in the database in the third quarterly posting, due approximately July 2011. View the LEED Interpretations and Addenda Database and Guidance Documents

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