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LEED Online is the primary resource for managing the LEED documentation process. Through LEED Online, project teams can manage project details, complete documentation requirements for LEED credits and prerequisites, upload supporting files, submit applications for review, receive reviewer feedback, and ultimately earn LEED certification. LEED Online provides a common space where members of a project team can work together to document compliance with the LEED rating system. With the exception of projects registered under LEED for Homes, all projects must be certified using LEED Online.

LEED Online Version 3

LEED Online Version 3 is available only for those projects registered under LEED 2009. The new version of LEED Online is faster, smarter, and offers a better user experience. It is designed to be scalable and more robust, through improved design, a more intuitive user interface, better communication between project teams and certifying bodies, and upgrades that respond to the changes in the LEED 2009 rating system.

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Upgrade to LEED 2009

Projects currently registered under a previous LEED Rating System may upgrade to the corresponding LEED 2009 Rating System. View more details on upgrading ยป


LEED Online Version 2

Projects registered under Version 2 rating systems will continue to use LEED Online Version 2.* Projects registering under previous versions of the LEED rating systems will have the option to upgrade to a LEED 2009 rating system at any time.

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*LEED NCv2.1 projects are still eligible to submit applications for certification in paper (binder or CD) format. Two copies of the application, along with payment of the certification review fees, should be mailed to GBCI, ATTN: Certification Manager, 2101 L Street NW, Suite 650, Washington, DC 20037. Make checks payable to GBCI. This process is only available to projects registered prior to the release of LEED Online version 2 that have not been upgraded into the LEED Online system.

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