Leverage your parking assets to fight transportation-related climate change


While it will take a number of changes to keep our planet habitable for humans for generations to come, transportation continues to play a substantial role in the climate change reduction equation. Around the world, transportation accounts for approximately 60 percent of global oil consumption, 27 percent of energy use and 23 percent of CO2 emissions. However, your parking garage might be one of the many underutilized solutions to the rising tide of transportation-related climate change.

LEED On: Hindustan Unilever Limited

‘We are changing the way business is done," is the tagline of Unilever. Standing true to it, the company, while retaining its status as one of the world’s largest fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) manufacturers, also ensures it reduces its impact on the environment. Unilever has been practicing sustainability since the last century, during which time it has also grown to serve 2.5 billion users for over 400 brands on any given day.


SITES and green infrastructure: A strategy for building resilient environments


SITES helps foster the development of green infrastructure, which is defined as any practice that uses or replicates natural systems to achieve a desired outcome. Green infrastructure practices (e.g., green roofs, rain gardens, bioswales, pervious pavement) are now being used by cities around the world. By looking to nature for guidance, SITES helps project teams in creating environments that improve water quality, control erosion, mitigate flooding and provide wildlife habitat.

Choose your Greenbuild Europe sessions from four targeted tracks

Greenbuild Europe—to be held April 17–18 in Berlin, Germany—will feature over 30 robust and thought-provoking education sessions and workshops. For the green building community in Europe, Greenbuild offers a tremendous opportunity for professionals, providing a platform for connecting with peers, discovering the latest market innovations and supporting credential maintenance.

The program

Workshops will be held on Mon., April 16, and include the following topics: