Diplomado en sistemas de certificación para arquitectura sostenible

En México al igual que otros países, está creciendo la importancia de que haya un tercero independiente que evalúe el grado de sostenibilidad de algún proyecto. Internacionalmente han aumentado las posibilidades de certificación y diversificado los alcances, aunque se escuchen principalmente sólo un par de sistemas de certificación. El presente diplomado tiene como propósito el de construir un panorama general de los indicadores de la edificación sostenible.


Diploma course in certification systems for sustainable architecture using EDGE

In Mexico, and in many other countries around the world, it’s becoming increasingly important to have trusted third-party providers to evaluate the sustainability level of building projects.

Internationally, building certification options have grown substantially, even though only a few certifications are well-known within the industry. Making the case for green building certification systems and specifying the indicators of green building is of critical importance.


Your top 5 Greenbuild Mexico questions answered

Greenbuild Mexico 2018, set for June 19–21 in Mexico City, is the flagship conference for sustainability professionals in Latin America.

The event will unite all of the key players involved in greening Mexico’s built environment, including architects, engineers, interior designers, business leaders and government officials. Greenbuild Mexico is where you can:


How LEED helps the growth of data centers in China

Providing crucial infrastructure for cloud services, the internet, mobile devices and electronics and social networking, the data center global market continues to grow. However, data requires huge amounts of energy to process. The typical average annual energy cost per unit area of data centers is more than 10 times that of office buildings, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. A data center can use as much energy as a small town.


Join Parksmart at the 2018 IPI Conference and Expo in Orlando


There is plenty of excitement about the 2018 IPI Conference and Expo where over 3,500 parking professionals from 30 or more countries across the globe will learn from one another and leave inspired to continue to transform the current state of the parking industry.

Running June 3 to 6 in Orlando, Florida, the conference will offer educational opportunities, parking-specific technologies and innovations, Parksmart recognition and opportunities to connect and collaborate with peers in the industry.