GBCI India launches nationwide energy challenge for schools

GBCI is launching "The Green Challenge"—a series on issues related to energy, the environment and sustainability for students in grades 6–8. The challenge will give teachers access to lessons from Learning Lab, an online platform for sustainability curriculum. For 2017, we have launched "Energy" as the theme under The Green Challenge Series, sponsored by UL.


What LEED did for buildings, SITES will do for landscapes


This article was originally published on July 17 as "What LEED Did for Buildings, Sustainable SITES Will Do for Landscapes—and Not a Moment Too Soon," by Robert Nieminen, on Retrofit Magazine. Read the full article.

Retrofit Magazine recently published an article on how SITES complements LEED in creating persistent market transformation toward sustainability:

Where in Mexico is LEED being used?

Today, Mexico's architects, construction firms, energy companies, city planners, enterprises and politicians are working together to create the sustainable cities of tomorrow.

Mexico is the home to 139 LEED-certified and 460 LEED-registered projects, totaling 13,168,705 gross square meters of space. From hospitality to retail, whether single projects or those using LEED volume certification, the projects in Mexico represent the diversity and breadth inherent in LEED. 

Check out a few of Mexico's most impressive projects below.


Learn about scaling SITES at the August 1 quarterly call


Even though SITES is a global standard, each project that uses the rating system exists within a particular local context. Different communities are using SITES to address the very specific environmental challenges they face. Around the world, leaders have begun identifying opportunities to scale SITES regionally and locally, as well as how to best work with state and city governments to do so.

Attend a Shanghai symposium on tall building performance

China has been focusing on tall building development, with a record 84 completions in 2016 of 200‐meter‐plus buildings. However, more attention is still needed in learning how to design tall buildings in terms of integrated process. As one of the supporting partners of the event, USGBC invites you to join us at the CTBUH Symposium on Tall Building Performance on August 2 in Shanghai.


Attend a LEED Platinum building tour and workshop in Mexico City

Spend a morning exploring the LEED Platinum CENTRO University building in Mexico City, and gain inspiration and insight as you learn about strategies the project managers employed and the certification process.

Hosted by USGBC Education Partner SUMe, the tour will be led by Alfredo L. Mariscal, LEED Project Manager for AKF. He will walk through tactics the project employed when tackling specific LEED credits and overcoming challenges to ultimately achieve LEED Platinum certification.


ICP Expands Investor-Ready Energy Efficiency Certification to Industry, District Energy and Street Lighting

London—(July 3, 2017)—Investor Confidence Project Europe, a global underwriting standard for developing and measuring energy efficiency retrofits, announced its Investor Ready Energy Efficiency™ (IREE) certification is now being applied to energy efficiency projects across industry, street lighting and district energy. The certification was previously only available to the building sector. The expansion is made possible through funding from the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 program.