GBCI Announces LEED Performance Challenge for Cities


DELHI, INDIA—Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI), the exclusive global certification body for LEED projects and the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), announced The LEED Performance Challenge today, which enables Indian cities to competitively share their latest performance data and benchmark it against other cities locally, nationally and globally.

EO and USGBC join forces to drive sustainable development


Energy infrastructure can have a significant environmental and social footprint and lead to landscape-level impacts, even while serving as a necessary development pathway. Voluntary standards and rating systems are recognized as some of the most effective tools to drive innovation in sustainable development. The proliferation of quality programs provides an opportunity for systems to work together, democratizing access and streamlining implementation and verification for even greater impact.

PEER Perspective: Surging buildings


It all began with a spark. Back in the prehistoric era, animals, plants and even our ancestors decayed and returned to the soil, becoming the resources we now call "fossil fuels." Compressed into the earth in the form of oil and coal, fossil fuels gave us the power to create electricity by burning remnants of our past, offering us a limited catalogue for the future. The spark, created through steam, is absorbed by generators that direct current through transformers and power lines until we turn on the television, with just the right amount of voltage.

Parksmart enables our clients to meet their sustainability goals


Prior to the introduction of Parksmart certification, there was no third-party sustainability certification available to our clients for their new and existing parking garage projects. Not only were our new design clients looking for a sustainability certification alternative, but clients with existing parking garages also wanted a certification that recognized the efforts they had made toward sustainability. Parksmart certification provided the solution for both types of clients.