Showcase your LEED-certified project in USGBC’s project directory


The USGBC LEED project directory displays all non-confidential LEED-certified projects in LEED Online. If your project isn’t listed, it may be because it’s marked as confidential.

Also, did you also know that only non-confidential LEED-certified projects are authorized to use the LEED certification logos? Before you promote your project’s LEED certification, check to see if your project is marked as confidential in LEED Online.

To update your project’s status, you can either

What not to miss at Greenbuild: GBCI Certification Work Zone


Have questions about a GBCI project or the certification process? Wondering how to earn Location and Transportation credits on a campus project? Looking for clarity on a complicated submission timeline, or wondering how to get started with O+M recertification? Perhaps you’d like to know if your building is healthy enough to earn recognition through WELL certification. GBCI has the answers!

Register for a webinar introduction to EDGE certification


Have you heard about EDGE and want to learn more about this new green building certification? Are you a building owner who wants to get a project EDGE certified but don't know where to begin? Are you a green building professional who is looking to offer consulting or auditing services for EDGE but don't understand the certification process? Do you want to learn more about EDGE software and how to use it? 

Accelerating building efficiency improvements in Latin America

Energy efficiency improvements in the building sector can yield significant financial and environmental benefits included reduced energy costs, decreased greenhouse gas emissions, improved occupant health and increased local employment. However, long standing market and policy barriers stand in the way of achieving these potential benefits at scale. Latin America, facing increasing populations in urban cities, could reduce global energy demand by one-third if available energy efficiency best practices were implemented widely.