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GBCI’s mission is to be the premier organization independently recognizing excellence in green buildingperformance and practice globally.


Buildings and communities will regenerate and sustain the health and vitality of all life within ageneration.



Assuring Validity and Quality

We ensure rigor in the design, development and implementation of the processes we use to measuregreen building performance (certification) and green building practice (credentialing). Our approachesand methodologies are designed for consistency and objectivity to assure the validity of ourcertifications and credentials.

Ensuring Transparency and Clarity

We are open and authentic in the way we do business and the information we make available. Weoperate within the standards and guidelines of our business. The way we conduct our business—with adeep sense of integrity and ethical responsibility—creates a sense of predictability in the marketplace.Our stakeholders know what they can expect from us.

Adapting to Change

We practice continuous improvement and adapt to the changing needs of the global marketplace,advancing our knowledge and expertise to move the green building industry forward.

Providing Excellence in Service

Our focus is on building relationships with those we serve. We provide excellence through high‐qualityresponsiveness to our clients and customers. Our goal is to support and partner with our stakeholdersfor the long‐term.

Driving Change to Create a Lasting Impact on the World

We affect the green building environment in an enduring way by verifying knowledge and performance.We influence long‐term beneficial change by focusing on results that matter and recognizing leadershipin the field. We feel a personal and organizational responsibility for creating global change that iseconomically, environmentally, and socially sustainable and lasting.


GBCI Strategic Plan

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