School in Shanghai achieves LEED Gold with green features

A recent study by ISGlobal showed that exposure to green space during childhood is associated with beneficial structural changes in the developing brain, improved working memory and reduced inattentiveness. Green schools are better for learning because they keep students healthy and increase their focus, attention span and memory.


How LEED helps the growth of data centers in China

Providing crucial infrastructure for cloud services, the internet, mobile devices and electronics and social networking, the data center global market continues to grow. However, data requires huge amounts of energy to process. The typical average annual energy cost per unit area of data centers is more than 10 times that of office buildings, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. A data center can use as much energy as a small town.


Shen Garden senior community is certified under LEED for Neighborhood Development

According to research, by 2022, the market for medical and senior care in China will reach CNY 1.4 trillion, with a compound annual growth rate of 23.98 percent from 2018 to 2022. Urbanization and an aging population are driving the need for building quality communities for senior people. 


USGBC hosts the first China Roundtable meeting in Shanghai

On March 16, at Shanghai Xintiandi—an architectural symbol of Shanghai in the 20th century and a LEED Gold project under Neighborhood Development (Stage 2)—USGBC hosted its first China Roundtable meeting. In attendance were 10 selected members from major LEED consulting firms in China.

The Roundtable aims to improve the market landscape for green business by sharing market trend and sales resources, as well as exchanging views on actions and topics of common interest.

LEED consulting firms that attended the first roundtable meeting included: