World green building trends in 2018: Spotlight on India

India is expected to see a surge of green building, with nearly 55 percent of all projects likely pursuing green by 2021, according to a new report from Dodge Data and Analytics. This percentage has nearly doubled since the last report, published in 2015. USGBC was a contributing partner in this report, which shows the continued growth of green building worldwide.


Attend the Green Homes for Everyone Within this Generation event in India

Join GBCI in Pune, India, on October 26 to learn how green building can transform India’s housing market and pave the way for the development of affordable and resource-efficient homes.

Hear real-world experiences from leading building industry experts using EDGE and LEED in their professional practice, and join a dynamic discussion about the unique opportunity green building programs present for India’s housing market.


India’s first EDGE-certified individual residence: The Kurunji house

India has emerged as one of the leading economies in the green building market, and this growth will help the nation reap enormous benefits. One particular area in which green buildings present great opportunity for India is the housing market. Rapid urbanization has created a huge demand for new construction and infrastructure in India, and new homes will need to be constructed to accommodate this population shift.


LEED On: American International School, Chennai [video]

The foundation of knowledge and awareness is largely established in school. One school that helps its students understand the importance of environmental stewardship is the American International School Chennai, the first K–12 school in the world to achieve LEED Gold certification using the Arc digital platform to monitor all aspects of building performance.


Your top 5 Greenbuild India questions answered

Greenbuild India is returning to Mumbai in 2018, from November 15 to 18 at the Bombay Convention and Exhibition Centre.

The conference and expo unites the key players involved in greening India’s built environment, including architects, engineers, interior designers, business leaders and government officials.

Below, we've rounded up the top five questions about the event. Looking for more? Check out our website's FAQ section.


LEED On: Sierra ODC [video]

With climate change endangering planet Earth, resource-efficient green buildings are providing an important counterbalance. One structure that has significantly raised building sustainability standards is the headquarters for software developer Sierra ODC. Located in the south Indian city of Coimbatore, Sierra’s innovative office space has achieved the world’s second highest LEED certification score, earning 103 of a possible 110 points.