LEED On: ITC Hotels [video]

"The Olympics of sustainability is LEED," says Nakul Anand, Executive Director, ITC Ltd. His quote speaks volumes about his brand’s trust in the LEED rating system. ITC has committed to the highest standard in global green building, with its entire portfolio of hotels across India certified as LEED Platinum—proving that green building and luxury accommodations can indeed go hand in hand.  


LEED On: T3 Terminal at Indira Gandhi International Airport [video]

Commercial aviation plays a vital role in economic globalization, but in the process it also affects the environment.

To minimize its carbon footprint, Delhi International Airport Limited set out to certify its state-of-the-art Terminal 3 at Indira Gandhi International Airport as LEED Gold. Terminal 3 is the world’s eighth largest airport terminal, covering 5.5 million square feet.


Abhikalpan Office earns first EDGE certification in India

In September 2016, the Abhikalpan Office project in Indore, India, was awarded EDGE certification to recognize a predicted energy savings of 68 percent, water savings of 83 percent and 28 percent less embodied energy in materials. The 573-square-meter office building is the first EDGE-certified project by GBCI in India.


The performance pathway to green: Candid conversation with LEED users at ACREX India

Performance is a common metric that is measurable and a key differentiator across businesses, people and products. The built environment has a significant role to play in enhancing employee productivity, and research has shown that employee productivity is directly linked to the environment in which people function.