2020 year in review: GBCI Financials

Niki Tsakonas

In my capacity of the Vice President of finance, it is my pleasure to serve both USGBC and GBCI and Its subsidiaries. Since USGBC and GBCI have many things in common, please read my USGBC update.

Building on its success with LEED, GBCI has expanded its focus to support a variety of rating systems and credentials to support our customer’s to advance sustainability across all facets of the industry. Here is a quick update:

  • We continue to see growth and interest in TRUE, SITES, ICP, PEER, EDGE, RELi, Federal Guiding Principles certifications and SEA/SEP credentials. In 2020, we realized a 26% growth in revenue from these programs.
  • Arc, a technology platform owned by GBCI also saw steady growth in engagement and adoption as we saw customers around the world embrace our vision of performance is the future of green buildings. Though the revenue of Arc platform was impacted by the pandemic, the Arc Re-entry holds greater potential for growing Arc adoption around the world as it is designed to help projects demonstrate that their places are safe and healthy for their occupants to reenter.
  • In 2014, GBCI acquired GRESB to scale ESG implementation for real assets. After successfully growing GRESB for six, GBCI transitioned the ownership of GRESB to Summit partners to ensure its continued growth.

Though the pandemic stretched our mental and physical abilities, we are proud to have partnered with thousands of customers, partners and advocates to drive transformation at every corner in the world in support of our mission. Thanks to the continued leadership and unwavering support of our Board of Directors, customers and our hardworking staff, we continue to future proof GBCI. Knowing that our balance sheet is strong to help us survive the pandemic and other challenges, allows me to not only to sleep well at night, but gives me hope that we can continue to make forward looking investments to support our customers.

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