2021 U.S. Green Building Council Europe Leadership Award Recipients Announced

Deisy Verdinez

Local leaders Palazzo Novecento, Merlin Properties, Eastnine AB and IPKB recognized for contributions to sustainable, healthy, equitable and resilient buildings and communities

10 June, 2021 (Munich, Germany) – Today, the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) announced its 2021 USGBC Leadership Award recipients in Europe during its USGBC Live virtual conference. The USGBC Leadership Awards recognize the exemplary leadership of individuals and organizations contributing to the creation of sustainable, healthier, equitable and resilient buildings, cities, and communities.

“At USGBC, we believe that healthy people in healthy places equals a healthy economy and it is only because of the leadership of organizations and individuals like our award recipients that this vision can become a global reality,” said Kay Killmann, Head of Europe. “In what has been a challenging year for everyone around the world, the green building industry has continued to carry on. Across Europe, organizations, governments, and private industry are continuing to think about innovative ways to create green projects that lower carbon emissions and contribute to a healthier society. USGBC is proud to partner with them to advance our collective mission of a sustainable future for all.”

The 2021 USGBC Leadership Award recipients in Europe are:

  • Eastnine AB - The Baltic property developer Eastnine AB owns two of the top-scoring LEED for Operations and Maintenance certified buildings in Europe and the company is overhauling its portfolio to achieve climate neutrality in its property operations by 2030;

  • IFAD International Fund for Agricultural Development - The UN Agency’s recertified its Rome headquarters LEED Platinum in 2021, a third certification for the building and moving toward its sustainability-forward mission;

  • Palazzo Novecento - Over the past few years, Palazzo Novecento in Turin, Italy, has converted a commercial complex to 47 duplex-style residential units while adhering to top green building practices and achieving LEED Platinum certification;

  • Scuola Secondaria Antonio Brancati - The Antonio Brancati Secondary School in Pesaro, Italy, received its LEED for Schools certification in 2020, achieving the highest scoring LEED v4 for Schools certification in the world, the highest scoring LEED for Schools certification in Europe, and the third highest scoring LEED for Schools certification in the world;

  • Istanbul Project Coordination Unit (IPKB) – The government of Turkey’s Istanbul Project Coordination Unit, or IPKB, is building sustainable, resilient public infrastructure while taking into the account the region’s propensity for earthquakes;

  • MERLIN Properties – In the Iberian Peninsula, Merlin Properties has increased their efficiencies and lowered operating costs for their properties with over 60 LEED certifications to date, all while minimizing their environmental impact.

  • Emmanuel Pauwels – Emmanuel Pauwels is the founder of Barcelona-based Green Living Projects, a green building consulting firm and education company. He has guided many of Spain’s most spectacular LEED projects to certification and is a passionate advocate of regenerative buildings in Europe.

The USGBC Leadership Awards featured at USGBC Live recognize these notable green building projects, companies, and individuals in the region over the last year and recognize the hard work put forth to create healthy, sustainable spaces.

USGBC Live is a new event that combines the expertise of the largest community of green building leaders with the data, insights, stories, and leadership from the thousands of LEED and green building projects around the globe to produce insightful and engaging conversations about the future of buildings, cities, and communities. Held virtually, the three-day event features localized content channels across different regions in the U.S. and abroad, offering sessions on topics that provide innovative ways to push the industry.



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