Apply by June 2 for the Lighting Energy Efficiency in Parking awards

Sarah Buente

Applications for the 2017 Lighting Energy Efficiency in Parking (LEEP) campaign are rolling in! Submit your parking site for consideration for a 2017 LEEP Award.  

To join the LEEP campaign, complete the 2017 LEEP spreadsheet and submit it to Parksmart by June 2, 2017.

The LEEP campaign recognizes high-achieving parking facilities that have achieved exceptional energy reductions at parking facilities through high-efficiency lighting and controls. The campaign offers free guidance to parking facility owners and managers, enabling them to take advantage of savings opportunities from high-efficiency lighting solutions in their parking facilities.

How does LEEP help?

Participating building owners and managers agree to identify potential parking lots of parking structures that can apply high-efficiency lighting technology and to install such lighting where feasible and cost-effective. In return, they receive a number of free resources, including

  • A lighting project evaluation calculator.
  • A financial analysis tool.
  • Case studies demonstrating financial and energy savings.
  • A library of incentives and financing opportunities.
  • Lighting specifications. 

What has LEEP achieved?

Since November 2015, participating LEED campaign members have collectively saved over 120 million kilowatt-hours and over $12 million annually. That’s equivalent to saving the electricity consumed by 11,000 homes each year. So far, LEEP participants have also improved 493 million square feet of high-performance lighting.

Take the LEEP! Join the more than 200 members of the LEEP team who are saving money and energy each year.

Join the LEEP campaign

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