Applying circular economy principles to daily life is easier than we might think

Sonja Trierweiler

Shobha Raghavan, Chief Operating Officer of Saahas Zero Waste, understands that there’s a perception that a circular economy — or the idea of using materials and products more than once, for as long as possible — is difficult to practice in this day and age. However, she explains that it’s actually pretty simple: “What is lacking in our system is an awareness and sensitization about how this could be applied to daily life.”

Certifications, like TRUE for zero waste, help bring recognition to companies that are working to make a circular economy a reality. “[TRUE] is a great way to take our customers to the next level,” she explains. “Because it is a niche industry, there are not many global certifications around zero waste, and TRUE, covering the entire framework of design, engagement, consumption, and policy, can really make corporates take zero waste more seriously.”

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