From Arc to LEED Platinum: ALARGAN International Headquarters joins LEED Earth Campaign

Located seven miles outside of Kuwait City, ALARGAN International Headquarters stands as one of Kuwait’s leading green buildings, and Kuwait’s LEED Earth recipient.

LEED Earth is a campaign that offers certification at no cost to the first project and first LEED v4 or v4.1 Platinum project to earn LEED in the countries where the rating system is still emerging. Through these projects’ leadership, they bring more sustainable and thoughtful construction to emerging markets. And ALARGAN International Real Estate Company is no stranger to green building leadership. ALARGAN International Real Estate Company is a leading real estate development company based in Kuwait with residential and commercial properties throughout Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain and Morocco. The company strives to integrate its motto, ‘Life… As You Love It’, across its projects by creating “live, work, play and savor” environments that present a unique lifestyle experience. ALARGAN pioneered the concept of sustainability and green buildings in its own headquarters in Kuwait, followed by executing the first LEED Platinum home in its Telal Al Qurm property in the Sultanate of Oman. As part of its corporate social responsibility, ALARGAN offers educational sessions and building tours of its LEED Platinum certified offices, to top universities and research institutions in Kuwait. In 2007, they became one of the first USGBC member organizations and in 2014, certifying their International Headquarters as Kuwait’s first LEED Platinum for Commercial Interiors office building to ensure a healthier, more efficient space for employees. In order to build for Kuwait’s hot and dry climate, they problem solved with several simple, effective measures: - High performance windows and strategic insulation to keep the building cool. - Occupancy and daylight sensing technology, and optimized air conditioning and light usage, yielding 30 percent energy savings over time. - Solar panels on the roof met 13 percent of the building’s annual energy demand. But ALARGAN didn’t stop there. Using the Arc performance platform, they tracked their headquarters’ sustainability performance metrics over a 12-month period to work toward LEED v4.1 Operations and Maintenance recertification on top of their preexisting award. This confirms that the day-to-day functions of an existing building are optimally improving the lives of occupants. Monitoring their energy, transportation, waste, water and human experience between 2018 and 2019, ALARGAN discovered numerous ways to improve their performance, eventually diverting 66 percent of their waste away from landfills and earning a 90 percent satisfaction rate from employees. In 2019, they successfully recertified their headquarters as LEED v4.1 Platinum, ensuring that occupants would experience a higher standard of living at their office each day. Now, ALARGAN is not only Kuwait’s first LEED Platinum project: it is also the country’s first LEED v4.1 Platinum building, and ALARGAN is continuing to prove its leadership as Kuwait’s LEED Earth recipient. In the words of ALARGAN’s sustainability team, “This accomplishment of using Arc for LEED has differentiated the project in Kuwait, proving how performance data is a powerful tool to demonstrate that a project is not just designed, but is also operating to the highest LEED standards. This project hopes to remain a beacon and a pioneer in the field of LEED and sustainability.” LEED Earth offers projects in countries where LEED is still emerging a chance to become that pioneer. As USGBC works towards bringing the environmental and human health benefits of green buildings to all, LEED Earth recipients put that into practice across the world by building spaces that raise the quality of life for their occupants. Check to see if your own nation is eligible to get started today.

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