Assess your readiness for LEED volume certification

Sourabh Gupta

Do you consistently deploy green building efficiency measures across your building portfolio? Do you have LEED v4 project experience? Are you part of a company looking to certify multiple projects of the same usage type? LEED volume certification can be a pathway to meet your goals.

LEED volume certification was developed by USGBC in 2011 to meet an industry need for a streamlined process to certify a large number of similar projects, while also leveraging internal green building practices that align with the LEED rating system.

Organizations around the world that have uniformity and consistency in design, construction and operational processes can take advantage of LEED volume certification. Taking a prototype approach, it enables large-scale builders, owners and managers to certify their projects more efficiently with lower long-term hard costs compared to individual building reviews.

Organizations that own, lease or manage real estate with a goal of certifying approximately 25 projects within three to five years may pursue volume certification. When you connect with our team, we’ll start by asking you the following:

  1. What are you trying to accomplish across your building portfolio?
  2. How many projects do you plan to certify under LEED v4, and which rating system would you like to use?
  3. How many LEED projects have you certified to date?
  4. Are there any expected timelines for achieving certification?
  5. How does your company’s corporate sustainability commitment influence what is done at the property level?
  6. Is there executive buy-in for this work?

Your organization and any contracted service provider must have prior LEED v4 project experience before developing a prototype under the volume program. This will allow you to determine how your organization can internalize and standardize practices that align with LEED v4 across many buildings and assess your readiness for prototype development.

To learn more about LEED v4, please download the user guide. For more about volume certification, see our "myths and facts" breakdown.

To discuss how your organization can get started, please reach out to your USGBC Account Manager, or contact us online.

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