Beijing Daxing International Airport Area is first precertified LEED Platinum city in China

Joe Crea

In July 2018, Beijing Daxing International Airport Area (BDIAA) became the first city in China to precertify at the Platinum level under the pilot rating system LEED for Cities: Planning and Design. It is also the first project in the world to use the LEED for Cities: Planning and Design rating system.

“As China continues its rapid urbanization, the Chinese government is emphasizing green and sustainable urban development more than ever,” said Andy To, Managing Director of USGBC and GBCI, North Asia “This is the only path to take so that China can maintain its rapid development and high-quality economic growth without compromising the quality of life for future generations. We believe LEED for Cities will be a helpful tool to guide the urban development of China toward a more sustainable future.”

The developer of BDIAA, the Beijing New Aerotropolis, established the institute of Smart Ecological Technology to study and develop a comprehensive indicator system, with 49 secondary indicators to measure and track the performance of the airport area development.

LEED for Cities precertification for the Beijing Daxing International Airport Area

The institute also developed energy system, green building, smart city, low-impact development, waste system and resilient city planning for the entire area over the past three years. All their efforts laid the foundation for BDIAA to pursue LEED for Cities.

“Sustainable development is our long-term commitment; we will carry it out through the life cycle of the development of Beijing Daxing International Airport Area from planning, construction, and operation to management, and to meet the requirements of LEED for Cities: Planning and Design rating system,” said Boming Luo, President of the Beijing New Aerotropolis.

BDIAA is positioned in the Daxing District of Beijing city, with a total planned land area up to 50 square kilometers, which includes the East and West districts. The planned land area of the East District is roughly 26 quare kilometers, with 24 square kilometers for the West District.

It will be anchored by the Beijing Daxing International Airport, which aims to be the largest aviation hub in the world, and may also be the busiest airport, in terms of passengers and cargo, with a full capacity of 72 million passengers and 2 million tons of cargo per year by 2025.

The Daxing District is 67 kilometers from Beijing Capital Airport, 65 kilometers from Xiong’an New Area, and 85 kilometers from the Tianjin Binhai New District. Xi Jinping, the President of China, stressed that Beijing Daxing International Airport will be the key landmark project in Beijing and a new driving force for the economic growth of China.

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