Building back healthy in the new normal: A collaboration with Mint

Sumner Byrne

As this difficult year comes to a close, our collective eyes are turning toward a promising future: One that is resilient, sustainable and focused on health. One key element of this future is the need for health to be built directly into our spaces, communities and cities. But the lack of formal structure to do so has long challenged significant growth and improvement in India’s real estate landscape.

2020 has clearly illuminated that our current patterns will not protect citizens in the next public health crisis or climate-related event. Serious restructuring is needed. And while this sounds daunting, the pandemic has also provided the potential to accelerate some positive trends that were already emerging in the real estate industry.

GBCI India and Mint (also known as Live Mint), one of India’s premium business news publications, have partnered on an ongoing video series that gets to the heart of the future of green buildings and India’s potential to build a better, more sustainable world — even during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Watch the first video in the series, The Future is Greenas GBCI’s Managing Director, Southeast Asia and the Middle East, P. Gopalakrishnan and leading representatives from India’s real estate, corporate and investment sectors discuss the strategies they are implementing in preparation to reopen and rebuild.

The second in the series, Building Back Healthy in the New Normal, turns the focus on the health and resilience of our spaces – and the current lack of comprehensive infrastructure for either. GBCI India joins real estate leaders who share the ideas being used to build health into pre-existing and new construction projects.


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