Building a green workforce with the Sustainability Excellence credentials

Sean McMahon

Organizations are increasingly integrating sustainability into their business processes to drive positive change, increase profits, comprehensively manage risk and better engage key stakeholder groups. Today, 90% of Fortune 500 companies participate in sustainability reporting. By holistically applying sustainability concepts, organizations can manage resources more efficiently, improve corporate standing, retain professional talent and create a more positive impact on local communities.

This trend has created a growing need for qualified professionals who can help support and lead sustainable initiatives across a variety of organizations. Creating a sustainable future for all requires that we invest in a workforce with the skills and commitment that can lead us there.

The Sustainability Excellence credential

To help create this workforce, GBCI offers two Sustainability Excellence professional credentials—the Sustainability Excellence Associate (SEA) and the Sustainability Excellence Professional (SEP)—that provide sustainability practitioners with third-party verification of expertise in the field of sustainability. They recognize individuals who have the skills to foster innovation, transform culture and embed sustainable practices in organizations and communities throughout the world.

Along with our partner, the International Society of Sustainability Professionals, GBCI is actively building the workforce of professionals needed to help organizations and communities of all types integrate sustainability culture and practice throughout business operations.

Credential holders demonstrate that they

  • Understand and can communicate sustainability topics to diverse audiences.
  • Are abreast of the most current sustainability issues, tools and techniques.
  • Are able to apply systems thinking in developing sustainability solutions and assess sustainability risks and opportunities in any organization, community or industry.
  • Are involved in planning, implementing and evaluating the integration of sustainability into organizational culture and practice.

Each credential is valid for two years and requires ongoing professional development activities. Ready to get started? Explore the credentials.

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