Why was the Green Building Certification Institute’s name changed to the Green Business Certification Inc.?
GBCI’s name change is a true reflection of our direction and vision for the organization, which is to extend its core competencies of certification and credentialing services to organizations that want to advance green business and sustainability practices. Third-party validation has become a highly regarded value across the globe and GBCI is well-positioned to fulfill that need.
When was the name changed?
We announced the name change in a press release on April 16.
How do I receive and use the GBCI trademarks?
Certified projects and credential holders typically receive their logos upon final approval of their project. If you are missing a logo, please reach out to [email protected] to request access. For more information on how to display your logos correctly, download the GBCI Trademark Guidelines.
What does the name change mean for day to day operations?
Nothing in the GBCI day to day operations will change.
Where can I find the information about LEED certification that used to be on this website?
LEED certification can be found on the Certification page.
We are seeking LEED certification for our project. How do we earn WELL certification for our project too?
Visit the Certification page for more information.
Now that we have LEED certification, can we also get WELL Certified?
GBCI was a 501 c6 non-profit. Does the fact that it is now incorporated affect its tax status/ non-profit status?
No, GBCI remains a 501 c6/nonprofit.
I / the owner have signed the LEED Certification Agreement (or other legal documents) with the Green Building Certification Institute. Are the contract documents still valid given the name change?
Yes. The contracts and other legal documents are unaffected by this change.