Find project resources for the Guiding Principles for federal buildings

Ashley Catlett

A longtime leader in sustainable, high-performance buildings, the federal government has criteria that define a high-performance building: the Guiding Principles for Sustainable Federal Buildings and, for the Department of Defense, UFC 1-200-02.

Setting and meeting performance targets is one of the reasons the federal government has been a leader in the green building sphere, with thousands of buildings supported by GBCI that conserve resources, support the agency’s mission and set a leadership example.

GBCI has been working with federal agencies and the Department of Defense to offer third-party assessments of project team work to meet the Guiding Principles, and has created tailored resources for agency-owned and Department of Defense projects that are required to follow these standards. Visit the Guiding Principles website to learn more, register and gain access to the program materials.

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