GBCI India partners with the Glass Academy Foundation

Joe Crea

GBCI India and the Glass Academy Foundation, a non-profit organization supported by Saint-Gobain Glass India, recently entered into a partnership. Together, we will advance knowledge on green buildings, with a particular emphasis on sustainable envelope design to create healthier indoor spaces for occupants in buildings across India. 

Sustainable building envelopes provide basic protective and regulatory functions of buildings and are critical for creating healthy indoor environments for occupants. This includes controlling solar, thermal and moisture flow in and out of buildings. Building envelopes also control indoor air quality, fire, wind, rain and acoustic effects on buildings.

LEED, the premier global green building rating system, has long championed high-performance glazing systems and efficiently insulating a building's envelope to prevent heating and cooling losses. 

Glass is an energy-efficient material that can be used in green building to lend aesthetic and functional value. Judicious use of glass can achieve energy efficiency, comfort and well-being in any structure.

Both GBCI India and the Glass Academy Foundation will raise awareness of these issues and share knowledge in India for architects, consultants, designers, builders, end users and other stakeholders in the built environment.The new partnership will also impart educational and technical know-how on the use of glass in building green, and will work toward building a healthier India for all.

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