Get to know WELL: What is a WELL Assessor?

Megan Sparks

The WELL Building Standard is an evidence-based system for measuring, certifying, and monitoring the performance of building features that impact health and wellbeing. WELL Certification begins with registration through WELL Online. Once registered, GBCI will assign a WELL Assessor to the project. The WELL Assessor is integral to the certification process. He/she will be able to help answer questions about certification, but more importantly will be the person who reviews project documentation and performs all onsite performance testing and visual inspections that are part of Performance Verification.

What is a WELL Assessor?

 A WELL Assessor acts as the third-party certification entity responsible for assessing/reviewing your project. They make sure that your project complies with WELL Building Standard requirements, and are responsible for both the documentation review phase of WELL certification, and for Performance Verification activities.

The WELL Assessor can also assist in answering technical questions about WELL features. While the project’s WELL AP and/or sustainability consultant is the primary source for answering technical support for the client, the WELL Assessor is available to clarify WELL requirements in instances where the answer is not available in published guidance and/or the project has a unique or complex scenario requiring additional discussion.

For those familiar with the LEED certification process, the WELL Assessor fulfills a role similar to the LEED Certification Reviewer under LEED Proven Provider, with enhanced availability for up-front questions from the project team.

How is a WELL Assessor different from a WELL AP or sustainability consultant working on a WELL project team?

While WELL APs and sustainability professionals serve as consultants, WELL Assessors provide technical support and perform a certification review function.  

Your WELL AP is part of your project team and the primary source of WELL expertise for your project. They provide consulting services to the project and may provide direction on specific implementation strategies, and other design inputs on how to comply with the technical requirements of WELL features, including recommendations for specific products and materials. 

Who are the WELL Assessors?

The Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI) manages and administers third-party certification for the WELL Building Standard, including oversight and training of WELL Assessors. WELL Assessors are highly experienced individuals from the building industry with experience implementing sustainability initiatives and third-party certifications.  

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