How GBCI exams are created

Caitlin McGrellis

Ever wondered how GBCI credential exams like those for the LEED Green Associate or SITES AP are put together? GBCI credentialing adheres to best practices in the development, delivery and maintenance of personnel certification programs, as outlined in the international ISO/IEC 17024 Standard.

Developing exams under the ISO/IEC 17024 Standard validates the integrity of GBCI’s processes, reinforces the superior standard of GBCI credentials and assures individual competencies and abilities. GBCI is proud to be among an elite group of personnel certification bodies that have achieved ANSI accreditation since 2003.

GBCI exams are developed via a three-part process:

  • Conception: GBCI brings together leading experts in the field to form a Job Analysis Committee. This committee includes specialists from a variety of industry professionals in the public, private and nonprofit sectors. The committee is responsible for creating content areas that lay the groundwork for building the exam.
  • Validation: GBCI enlists the help of a wider group of subject matter experts, who review the content areas and their relative importance through the Job Analysis Survey. The survey gives experts in the industry an opportunity to contribute to the credential. Then, GBCI gathers and analyzes results to create an exam blueprint, which will outline weight distribution for exam questions by content area.
  • Development: Once the blueprint is finalized, GBCI enlists subject matter experts to write and review questions to appear on the exam. With expert consensus, a well-rounded exam is created and launched for the credential. The exam is finalized and placed into the testing platform for aspiring candidates.

Read a more detailed description of the exam development process.

GBCI credentialing exam steps


Download the exam development description

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