How to precertify your LEED 2009 BC+C project

Sarah Alexander

In December 2016, GBCI announced that LEED precertification would be available to all LEED v4 Building Design and Construction (BD+C) and Operations and Maintenance (O+M) projects pursuing the performance path to certification. The same LEED precertification is now available to all LEED 2009 BD+C projects as well.

Precertification is granted to projects after successfully completion of a GBCI review of early design stage documentation. This documentation, which reflects a studied and realistic set of project goals and intentions, forms the basis for an award of precertification at the project’s anticipated LEED certification level. It helps owners to ensure that their projects are on the right path to achieve certification, to demonstrate their commitment to LEED certification and to market the unique and valuable green features of the proposed project to future tenants and financiers.

Steps to precertification for LEED 2009 BD+C projects

(For details on precertification for LEED v4 projects, read our initial announcement.)

  1. Let us know that you will be pursuing precertification by choosing the precertification review option in your certification timeline.
  2. Map out your pathway to LEED certification by downloading and completing the precertification worksheet for LEED 2009. The precertification worksheet allows you to decide your compliance path for each required prerequisite and each credit that you will be pursuing. In the worksheet, you’ll also describe your strategy for meeting the requirements of that credit and the pathway that you’ve chosen. You will also complete your preliminary scorecard in LEED Online to demonstrate which and how many points you will be pursuing.
  3. Submit your project for review to GBCI. GBCI will review your intended compliance path for each prerequisite and credit, along with your strategy for meeting the requirements, and will provide you with formal feedback. Similar to the review for full certification, you’ll have two rounds of review.

Once the compliance pathway and strategy for all prerequisites and pursued credits (must be enough to achieve certification) has been approved by GBCI, the project will achieve LEED precertification.

Review the precertification section in the Guide to LEED Certification

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