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Deepa Sathiaram

Gender equality is key to sustainable development, so is no surprise that the subject is included in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Still, the relationship between environmental sustainability and women's empowerment has often been overlooked in practice—particularly in the construction industry.

According to the International Institute for Environment and Development, there are several reasons why women have an important role to play in sustainable development, including that they are key managers of natural resources and agents of change and that they have a a valuable, different perspective to incorporate.

For sustainable development, we must empower women to take up critical roles in the decision-making process at various levels. This is true of all industries, but even more so of the building industry. Even though women may still be a minority in this industry in India, they still have a crucial role to play when it comes to sustainability in the built environment.

Recognizing this need, Greenbuild India is holding the “Women in Green Power Luncheon,” a premier initiative for bringing together women leaders from across the country and building an international forum for highlighting women’s impact on sustainability. The aim of the event is to advance female leaders working in sustainability through academic, professional and personal development. It will also help develop a community of women to act as a support network, providing encouragement and fostering growth. Women in Green is a great platform for women to network and develop the skills necessary for leadership and success in the green industry.

Watch our video on Women in Green at Greenbuild India:

Join us for a stimulating luncheon that celebrates key women leaders in our industry who have emerged as great agents of change and significantly contributed to the green building movement in India. Listen to them as they explore the complexities of women's leadership, gender equality and female empowerment in the building industry. Discuss with them how women leaders can play the role of inspiring, mentoring and motivating other women as we propel India towards a sustainable economy.

Women in Green Power Luncheon

When: Fri., November 3 from 1–2:30 p.m.
Where: Mumbai, India, at the Bombay Exhibition Center (NESCO), Hall 2
Cost: Included in Full Conference Pass or separate purchase for 1600 INR/$25 USD

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