GBCI works rigorously to maintain quality control on the project certification through global green building standards set and annually reviewed by our board members. GBCI credentialing programs are developed, delivered and maintained using best practices in test development. Since 2011, GBCI’s LEED credentialing programs have been ANSI-accredited under the ISO/IEC 17024:2012, Conformity assessment – General requirements for bodies operating certification of persons.

The quality and rigor of project certification is maintained through standards viewable in fully documented manuals available to the public. These standards are internationally renowned to follow best practices that allow GBCI to be transparent and open to feedback.

As an independent certifying and credentialing agency, GBCI has managed the certification of more than 3 billion square feet of real estate and the credentialing of nearly 190,000 green building professionals (a number that is almost equivalent to the number of architects in the U.S.).

Board of Directors



Executive Staff

Client Leadership

Certification staff

  • Sarah Alexander, Senior Vice President, Certification + Credentialing
  • Dean DiPietro, Director, Operations
  • Marta Drzymala, Group Manager, Certification Operations
  • Thao Nguyen, Certification Associate
  • Kevin Kirby, Certification Associate
  • Andriana Miljanic, Certification Associate
  • Ashley Catlett, Program Development   
  • Kate Tart, Manager, WELL Certification
  • Katie Link, Team Lead
  • Clare Epke, WELL Assessor
  • Gail Hampsmire, Technical Director, HVAC/Energy
  • Ken Simpson, Director, Certification HVAC/Energy
  • Lori Gregory, Group Manager, HVAC/Energy
  • Jackie Hofmaenner, Team Lead
  • Cam Fitzgerald, Senior Certification Reviewer
  • Jason Salter, Certification Reviewer
  • Sara Fritz, Certification Reviewer
  • Marcy Whitfield, Certification Reviewer
  • John Grando, Quality Specialist
  • Josh Droege, Certification Reviewer
  • Richard Kimball, Team Lead
  • Yixiang Feng, Certification Reviewer
  • Renee Ma, Certification Reviewer
  • Lan Li, Team Lead
  • Weixiu Kong, Certification Reviewer
  • Ying Zhao, Quality Specialist
  • Jie Haung, Certification Reviewer
  • Deepak Gulati, Team Lead
  • Priyadarsi Das, Certification Reviewer
  • Arpan Saha, Technical Specialist, Certification
  • Jai Yadav, Technical Specialist, Certification
  • Rajendra Choudhary, Technical Specialist, Certification
  • Monica Pokharna, Certification Reviewer
  • Micah Silvey, Director, Certification
  • Danielle Pieranunzi, SITES Technical Specialist
  • Marc Cohen, Group Manager, Certification
  • Bob Jannarone, Team Lead
  • Lani Kalemba, Senior Certification Reviewer
  • Matt Eaton, Senior Certification Reviewer
  • Amber Seffrood, Certification Reviewer
  • Frank D'Alessandro, Certification Reviewer
  • Emily DeCremer, TRUE Certification Program Lead
  • Trevyr Meade, Parksmart Certification Program Lead
  • Carissa Sawyer, Team Lead
  • Anna Packard, Certification Reviewer
  • Kristen Vachon Vogel, Certification Reviewer
  • Amy Gallo, Certification Reviewer
  • Jessica Gracie-Griffin, Quality Group Manager, and Team Lead
  • Erika Montgomery, Certification Reviewer
  • Adam Jonash, Certification Reviewer
  • Theresa Hogerheide, LEED Technical Specialist
  • Alison Bane, Certification Reviewer
  • Melissa Cox, Team Lead
  • Carly Ruggieri, Certification Reviewer
  • Julie Birsinger, Certification Reviewer
  • Rebecca Stahlnecker, Senior Certification Reviewer
  • Andrea Shoaf, Certification Reviewer
  • Vijaya Yellamraju, Director, Quality
  • Jen Owens, Quality Manager, Residential
  • Matt Stone, Quality Specialist
  • Liz Cordero, WELL Assessor

Credentialing staff

  • Sarah Alexander, Senior Vice President, Certification + Credentialing
  • Ian Canterbury, Business Services Specialist, Credentialing 
  • Caitlin McGrellis, Specialist, Credentialing Development
  • Shawna Culter, Specialist, GBCI Operations