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Apoorv Vij

LEED v4 changes the paradigm for how decisions are made about materials for the buildings in which we spend so much of our time, by giving new information to decision makers.

To help you navigate the credits and how they impact the market, GBCI India will be sharing a series of articles devoted exclusively to LEED v4 materials. The aim of this series is for market leaders and sector experts to share their knowledge and experiences with the community.

LEED v4 credits reward selection of materials that disclose full life-cycle impacts, including raw material sourcing and human health. Disclosure of information leads to preferential product selection by design teams, which in turn results in market transformation and innovation.

LEED v4 also shifts focus from "single attribute"-based product selection to a "multi-attribute" approach, since single attributes such as recycled content fail to provide the complete information necessary for product selection by design teams.

For example, in order to make a selection between steel with high recycled content manufactured locally and FSC-certified wood from another country, the design team would need to consult information on each product’s life-cycle impact. Credits in LEED v4 empower design teams with the right tools to answer such questions and assist them in reducing the environmental and human health impacts of their projects.

Learn more about LEED v4 materials credits

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