LEED APs: Become an EDGE Expert in just two easy steps

Sarah Buente

By becoming an EDGE Expert, LEED APs can expand their business and services in the green building marketplace, as well as offer an additional line of services to meet market needs in emerging countries around the globe.

An innovation of International Finance Corporation (IFC), EDGE is a green building certification system that enables design teams and project owners to assess the most cost-effective ways to incorporate energy and water saving options into their buildings. EDGE certification is available from GBCI in over 120 emerging market countries.

EDGE Experts are architects, engineers and construction industry professionals who serve as trusted resources and advisers on EDGE certification. EDGE Experts provide outstanding value to their clients by bringing their skills, insights and knowledge of the EDGE software to inspire confidence that a project can achieve EDGE certification.   

LEED APs are automatically qualified to become EDGE Experts. All a LEED AP needs to do to become an EDGE Expert is complete the two simple steps below. If you are not a LEED AP, you must have either a higher education qualification in a construction industry-related field or three years of experience working in the construction industry as a skilled professional or tradesperson plus a higher education qualification (not necessarily in a construction industry-related field) to be eligible to become an EDGE Expert.

1. Complete training from GBCI

To become an EDGE Expert, you will need to take GBCI’s EDGE Technical Workshop, which is designed to help participants understand the EDGE standard, use the EDGE software and navigate the certification process. You’ll even receive eight CE hours to apply toward your LEED AP credential maintenance requirements. Register today for our new online version of the course.

EDGE Technical Online Workshop

Cost: $150 USD

Available on demand in English 

Register for the class

2. Pass the EDGE Exam

All candidates must pass the EDGE Exam in order to become an EDGE Expert. We’ve compiled some tips to help you pass the EDGE Exam on your first try.

The EDGE Exam is administered by Prometric (a third-party testing center) and currently costs $60 USD. A complete list of testing center locations may be found at prometric.com/edge by clicking on the “Locate a Test Center” link. The exam is administered via computer and consists of 75 multiple-choice questions, with a 2.5-hour limit. All exams are closed-book. The exam is currently available in English, Chinese, Spanish, Vietnamese and Indonesian Bahasa.

Please contact IFC with any additional questions about the EDGE Exam.

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