LEED Earth winner: Mexico's first LEED v4 platinum building

Cesar Trevino
July 14, 2015

Bioconstruccion y Energia Alternativa’ (BEA) is proud to announce that its headquarter offices is the most recent winner of USGBC’s LEED Earth campaign.

Aside exuberant biodiversity, lively music and cultural richness, Mexico also plays a key role for the green building movement in Latin America. To date the country accounts for 139 certified and 460 registered LEED endeavors, some of the most innovative and revolutionary buildings in the entire region. From these projects, one stands out writing its own unique history. Born in the northeastern progressive city of Monterrey, my consultancy firm BEA recently celebrated the county's first double LEED Platinum certification for its headquarter offices.

Back in 2011, BEA was behind one of the most sustainable offices in Latin America. BEA’s 4,650 sq. ft. office building was recognized as the first new construction building to achieve LEED Platinum certification in the country and the entire Latin American region, placing these premises at the top 1% among all buildings to achieve this level. The project’s design and construction integrates diverse sustainability strategies and higher performance specifications, well above local regulations.

Furthermore, a few days ago, we reached another LEED Platinum level certification, this time under LEED v4.

We are truly proud to becoming the fifth building in the world to achieve LEED O+M Platinum level certification under the new LEED v4 rating system. This accomplishment allows us to ratify our commitment to a better built environment for Mexico and Latin America. Clearly, there is an enormous potential to demonstrate the business case for energy savings and environmental performance in our region, especially amongst existing buildings.

LEED APs Mayela Salazar and Diana Carro (existing building and new construction project leaders respectively) recently recalled a lifetime’s professional satisfaction with these two milestone certifications. “Everyone utilizing or visiting our office perceives and enjoys a superior indoor ambiance,” noted Mayela. “We do acknowledge how the premises invite us to both higher productivity and more responsible user habits,” further elaborated Diana.

The managing and operations teams at BEA have experienced the new LEED v4 process and its enhanced benefits. “We just won’t let go now: we’re committed to continuous improvement and LEED O+M recertification," Trevino ratified. Not least to mention is that this project is already working hard and underway for the WELL Building Standard.

Walking through its spaces, these ground-breaking offices are tangibly and positively different from all similar others. This venture illustrates the capacity and quality of Mexican professionals to envision and raise buildings that exceed the highest international green building standards. Unquestionably, LEED projects have been and shall continue to be a determining factor to release new makings for environmentally conscientious architecture, engineering and construction practice in the country.

If you’re ever around, set aside a few minutes to visit BEA’s offices, where its team will gladly share their applied best practices, with all the warmth and joy that characterizes Mexican folks.

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In addition to recognizing the first LEED-certified project in each county, LEED Earth also acknowledges the first LEED v4 Platinum level certification in every county around the world, awarding them with waived certification fees.