LEED On: Infosys [video]

Geetanjali Prasad

Innovation and development to the highest standards is what Infosys believes in. Fifteen of the company's buildings across India are LEED Platinum, and 13 more are working toward certification. What started with a meager investment of just $250 USD in 1981 is now a turnover of billions of dollars. Narayan Murthy and six cofounders changed the game of IT in India with Infosys, creating jobs, strengthening the economy and bringing the country on the world map in the software space. 

Infosys has also made contributions to sustainability: The firm has committed to reducing its carbon footprint and promoting green at the highest level by certifying 5.9 million square feet of space to LEED standards. This has negated tons of emissions and operational costs, even while the number of employees increases every year. The Infosys Hyderabad office is the first IT campus in India to be fully powered by solar, and a central command center at the Mysore campus makes Infosys the first IT company in India to manage 100 percent of its campus operations from one source. 

Infosys aims to become carbon-neutral by 2018, sourcing 100 percent of its electricity across campuses from renewable energy and reducing the per capita energy expenditure by 50 percent by next year. 

Energy savings 2008–2016: 

  • 0.97 million tons of carbon emissions negated
  • $125 million USD saved in electricity bills
  • 133 percent increase in employees in India with just 18 percent increase in energy.

Watch the video to learn more:

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