LEED On: Jaypee Vasant Continental Hotel [video]

Joe Crea

In October, GBCI launched "LEED On," a video series that celebrates leaders across India who inspire and benefit millions of people through their innovative use of green building strategies and technologies. 

These leaders—who represent all building sectors, from education to healthcare, from manufacturing to hospitality—are pointing us all to a more sustainable future, one that will improve the quality of life today and for generations to come. These social and environmental benefits can be realized while dramatically improving operational profits.

Our latest video showcases the remarkable leadership of Jaypee Vasant Continental, a hotel in New Delhi that achieved LEED Platinum status. Hotels consume natural resources at an extraordinarily high rate, since they are occupied 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Currently, there are more than 400 LEED-certified hotels globally, comprising nearly 134 million square feet, according to the latest LEED in Motion: Hospitality report. 

Check out the video below. 

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