LEED in Motion: China report released

Mahesh Ramanujam

Today, China has assumed a tremendous leadership position in stemming the tide of climate change and protecting its citizens and precious natural resources. As mandated in President Xi’s 13th Five Year Plan, an important part of this role involves improving the efficiency and sustainability of its infrastructure. Please know that all of us who care about the future applaud those efforts. They will greatly benefit each and every one of us who call this planet home.

In support of those efforts, I’d like to call your attention to a new report, LEED in Motion: China. It’s about LEED and the many leaders across China who are working to build a sustainable country and planet. The report is in English, with a version in Chinese to be available soon.

LEED in Motion: China includes

  • Profiles of the many remarkable leaders in China who are doing the right thing for people and the planet.
  • Project profiles that showcase China’s sustainable marvels.
  • An overview of LEED’s evolution over two decades.
  • Insight as to how LEED contributes to China’s 13th Five Year Plan and how it is being used for city- and community-scale projects, mass transit systems, industrial facilities, health care facilities, residences and more.
  • Perspective on how LEED is being adapted for global, regional and local applications.
  • Ideas as to how LEED is being applied to benefit human health.
  • An introduction to a new online platform, Arc, that can be used to monitor and track building efficiency.
  • An overview of LEED’s professional credential program, which shares expertise in green building.

I hope you enjoy the report. If you would like to be featured in an upcoming version, please contact us.

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