LEED in Motion: Mexico just released

Joseph Crea
July 13, 2015

With USGBC executives and staff in Mexico this week to discuss green buildings and the future of LEED, as well as to host a LEED technical workshop, we are pleased to present a new report, LEED in Motion: Mexico

In Mexico, LEED certifications are becoming increasingly commonplace. There are over 13.2 million gross square meters of LEED space. LEED can be found in 606 buildings, including corporate offices, retail, schools, hospitals, factories, restaurants, and hotels including Universidad del Arte, Bioconstruccion 347, and Torre Vistral. 

Created in 2013, our LEED in Motion reports are designed to equip readers with the insight and perspective they need to understand LEED as a global green building rating system that is flexible and adaptable to support regional and local needs. This year, we are releasing a new series of our LEED in Motion reports through an online platform, which allows for a more dynamic and interactive experience for readers. 

Read the report forward below from Darío Ibargüengoitia González, President, Sustentabilidad para Mexico (SUMe).

The progress we have seen in the green building industry in Mexico, comes with a great impulse from its stakeholders. We began with smart buildings and we expanded the concept to encompass all the aspects of sustainability and then we started using LEED to unify our efforts. LEED has given us a clear process and precise metrics, allowing us to understand the impact buildings have on our planet. Green building has evolved in Mexico and we want to share this green enthusiasm with you.

We have begun the transformation of our thinking around the way we design, build, operate and maintain our built environment. We are greening the places where we live, study, work and entertain.

Sustentabilidad para Mexico(SUMe) is part of the World Green Building Council as an emergent council and works in partnership with USGBC on different projects relating to LEED. Our mission is to foster and promote a cultural change. Together with our members, our government and the people of Mexico, we are making sustainability a reality. We are also demonstrating its profitability through business cases and testimonials. We also know nature has to profit from this sustainable revolution and it must also reduce the social inequality that prevails in our country.

We hope this report helps not only to show profitable cases in sustainable building but Mexico´s path to sustainability as well. LEED is an inspirational engine that encourages people to build better, accessible, safe and sustainable cities for all. We invite you to become the source of energy that changes and regenerates our planet.

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