LEED On: Sierra ODC [video]

Geetanjali Prasad

With climate change endangering planet Earth, resource-efficient green buildings are providing an important counterbalance. One structure that has significantly raised building sustainability standards is the headquarters for software developer Sierra ODC. Located in the south Indian city of Coimbatore, Sierra’s innovative office space has achieved the world’s second highest LEED certification score, earning 103 of a possible 110 points.

In addition to an intelligently designed building automation system, Sierra ODC features the Arc platform, which continuously monitors building performance for energy, water, waste and indoor air quality.

The building is carbon-neutral. It achieved a 64 percent reduction in energy use, in part by installing a highly innovative photovoltaic façade that generates electricity. Water conservation measures mean that 100 percent of all rainwater is harvested and 100 percent of all wastewater is treated. Triple-filtered fresh air is pumped indoors. Real-time IOT and CO2 sensors keep indoor air pollutants firmly in check.

Though Sierra ODC is small in size, the company’s commitment to sustainability is enormous, and it has raised the bar for everyone, as we all seek to counter the many challenges of global warming.

Watch the video to learn more about Sierra ODC and its innovative LEED Platinum headquarters.

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