LEED Transit: Delhi Metro Rail Corporation [video]

Joe Crea

At a time when India’s capital city, New Delhi, is battling dangerous levels of air pollution, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation has taken a significant step towards its commitment to sustainability.

Joining hands with USGBC, the developers of LEED, and GBCI, the global certifying body for all LEED projects worldwide, DMRC has played a major role in the creation of an innovative LEED pilot for mass transit called LEED for Operations + Maintenance: Transit.

LEED Transit leverages Arc, an advanced digital platform that helps stations benchmark their use of energy and water, waste and indoor environmental quality. It monitors the efficiency of building performance and the quality of human experience by providing real-time data, which will help DMRC quickly identify performance problems and take timely actions.

It will also inform commuters about the efficiency of their station and create a sense of pride regarding its contribution to a better environment.

Watch our video to learn more:

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