LEED On: Wanda Group

Yi Wen

The LEED On video campaign for projects in China was launched in November 2017. The LEED On video series spotlights innovative LEED projects around the world and interviews the people behind them. The first segment in the China series is LEED On: Wanda Group.

At the Dalian Wanda Group, green and sustainable development has long been a core corporate value. Dalian Wanda Commercial Properties group recently formed a strategic partnership with USGBC, which includes developing healthy buildings and cities around the world, improving building performance through online measurement tools and producing education programs to promote greater sustainability.

One striking example of the company’s use of LEED is the Wanda Mall in Nanchang Wanda City. Certified LEED Silver in 2016, this structure presents a brilliant blue and white porcelain façade. The design reflects Jiangxi province’s thousand-plus-year history as China’s porcelain capital.

The project's sustainable features include a glass roof that allows for maximum natural daylight. Solar panel displays and a heat recovery system help conserve energy. Permeable pavements, rainwater harvesting and sensor-based irrigation sprinklers combine to conserve water. Sophisticated CO2 sensors and an air filtration system help purify indoor air and distribute it throughout the mall.

To better ensure that all systems continue to function optimally, the Wanda Group developed its own proprietary building performance technology. Named the Huiyun System, it monitors building operations and provides accurate, real-time data to identify problems and solutions.

Watch the LEED On video to learn more:

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