New GRESB training this spring for real estate professionals

Taryn Holowka

USGBC announces new GRESB training opportunities this spring for real estate professionals and property companies looking to better manage their portfolios and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) efforts.

GRESB is an investor-driven organization that is transforming the way we assess the ESG performance of real assets globally, including real estate portfolios and infrastructure assets. GRESB members use GRESB data throughout the investment management and engagement process, with the clear goal of optimizing the risk/return profile of their real asset investments.

This spring, GRESB is offering participant training sessions for real estate professionals such as fund, asset and property managers, service providers and others who are involved in the implementation of the various aspects of energy efficiency and sustainability within their real estate portfolio.  

This training is ideal for professionals working on the collection and management of real estate sustainability-related performance data or completing the GRESB Real Estate assessment.

The GRESB Real Estate Assessment is an annual assessment that helps property companies and fund managers to better manage their portfolios and lower operating costs to reduce the impact of their portfolio on the environment through energy and resource savings and to more effectively respond to tenant needs and preferences. The Assessment captures information regarding the sustainability performance of property companies, fund managers and developers. The content of the Assessment is directly informed by what investors consider to be key issues in sustainability integration in real estate investments and is aligned with international reporting frameworks such as the GRI and PRI.

Training sessions are offered from mid-March to mid-April and will be delivered via face-to-face group sessions (seven core instruction hours in one session) in select locations across Europe, North America and Asia Pacific:

  • London: Wednesday, March 16 
  • Amsterdam: Wednesday, March 23 
  • Toronto: Wednesday, March 31 
  • Washington, D.C.: Monday, April 4
  • Stockholm: Tuesday, April 5
  • New York: Wednesday, April 6
  • Sydney: Wednesday, April 6
  • Chicago: Thursday, April 7
  • San Francisco: Monday, April 11
  • Paris: Wednesday, April 13
  • Los Angeles: Wednesday, April 13
  • Hong Kong: Tuesday, April 19
  • Frankfurt: Wednesday, April 20
  • Singapore: TBD

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