New platform created for Sustainability Excellence credentials

Stephen Dworkin

On June 29, the Sustainability Excellence Associate (SEA) and Sustainability Excellence Professional (SEP) credentials will move to a new platform to offer enhanced functionality in the exam registration process and a new exam delivery partner, Prometric. This transition will ensure a smoother registration experience and the option to take the exam either at one of Prometric’s global testing centers or online, using Prometric’s ProProctor platform.

To prepare for the new platform, there will be an 11-day blackout period from June 18–28, during which the SEA and SEP exams will be unavailable.The new exam registration platform will launch on June 29.

The SEA and SEP credentials recognize individuals dedicated to making the world a more sustainable place—economically, socially and environmentally. The Sustainability Excellence credentials provide third-party verification of competency in the field of sustainability and recognize individuals who have the skills to foster innovation, transform culture and lead sustainability initiatives for organizations and communities throughout the world.

Here's what you need to know about the Sustainability Excellence exam registration and delivery platform update:

Current registrants

If you’re scheduled to take your exam on or before June 17:

SEA and SEP exams will continue to be delivered through the current exam center through June 17. This update does not impact your exam; however, you will not be able to reschedule your exam for a later date.

If you’re scheduled to take your exam after June 17:

You will need to adjust your exam registration. You have two options:

  1. Reschedule to an earlier date and use the current exam platform.
  2. Wait and take the exam in the new registration platform, which launches on June 29.

If you want to reschedule your exam to an earlier date, you can do so without an additional fee, provided you reschedule at least 72 hours before your scheduled time if it is an on-site exam, or at least 24 hours before your scheduled time if it is an online exam.

If you do not reschedule your exam to a time on or before June 17, your exam will be canceled on June 13 and you will receive a full refund of the exam fee within 10 business days. You will receive a notification of the exam cancellation and refund from the exam center.

If you have questions about your exam fee refund, please contact us.

New registrants

If you do not currently have a account, you will first need to create a new account on to register for the exam.

SEA and SEP credential holders will receive new GBCI credential accounts. This will allow you to manage your credential, download your certificate and submit continuing education (CE) hours toward renewal online.

You will be sent separate instructions for reregistering for your exam using the new exam registration platform, which launches on June 29.

For more information, read the Sustainability Excellence FAQ. We’re here to help—please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have questions!

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