Nine more countries join LEED Earth campaign

Joe Crea

Nine new countries have certified their first LEED project or their first LEED v4 Platinum building, as represented in USGBC’s ongoing LEED Earth campaign, designed to accelerate the uptake of green building and LEED throughout the world.

LEED Earth is a campaign that offers certification at no cost to the first project to earn LEED in the countries where the rating system is still emerging. In addition, the campaign offers free certification for the first LEED Platinum project in any country to certify using LEED v4. Currently, there are a total of 32 countries recognized by the LEED Earth campaign. 

U.S. Embassy Office Annex in Abuja, Nigeria.

Countries that have recently gained their first LEED certifications as part of the LEED Earth program include Armenia, Trinidad and Tobago, French Polynesia, Nigeria, Oman, Morocco, Montenegro and Cambodia. Costa Rica achieved its first LEED v4 Platinum buildings as part of the program.

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