Positec global headquarters in Suzhou achieves LEED Platinum

Yi Wen

For Positec, sustainability is not a finish line, it’s a way of beginning. Established in 1994, Positec is one of the largest Chinese manufacturers and exporters for electrical power tools, with offices in over 10 different countries. Back in 2012, Positec announced that its global headquarters in Suzhou would be built to high-performance green standards, and in June 2017, the building achieved LEED Platinum certification.

Nellie Cheng, managing director of global market development for USGBC in China, spoke highly of Positec’s leadership in building a sustainable business. As more and more companies in China begin transforming their businesses for the global market, LEED is a tool that helps in the development of that strategy, underscoring the commitments that companies must make to the health, comfort and well-being of customers and employees all over the world.

Positec’s new headquarters in Suzhou integrate energy-saving technologies for lighting, air conditioning, ventilation and water management with energy produced from renewable sources. These technologies, combined, spare our planet of 465 tons of carbon emissions per year, reduce water consumption 82.9 percent and save over 40 percent on energy costs. By adopting FSC-certified products and sensor technology, the indoor environmental quality is greatly improved, giving users a healthier and more productive working space.

Positec receives the LEED plaque for its LEED Platinum certification

Nellie Cheng, Managing Director of USGBC China, presents the LEED Platinum plaque to Kelvin Wong, Vice President of Positec Technology (China) Co., Ltd.

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