The simple steps to Parksmart certification

Trevyr Meade

Parksmart is the world’s only rating system defining and recognizing sustainable practices in parking structure management, programming, design and technology. Industry leaders are embracing Parksmart to improve efficiencies and demonstrate the high performance of their parking facilities. See how close your parking structure is to achieving Parksmart recognition by completing the Parksmart Owner’s Checklist.

Parksmart certification is available for both new construction and existing parking structures. Structures registered for Parksmart demonstrating sustainability achievements outlined within the Parksmart program are awarded points towards certification. Once a certain number of points are achieved, a project is awarded Parksmart certification at the Parksmart Bronze, Silver or Gold level (new construction) or Parksmart Pioneer (for existing projects).

For more on the structure of certification, or answers to questions about how your garage can participate, we encourage you to review our website or reach out to our customer service team.

Ready to get certified? Here's what's involved:

1. Project registration

Register your project at Arc is a state-of-the-art platform that provides an entry point for parking structures with the goal of certifying them to Parksmart.

At registration, you’ll provide basic details about your parking structure, complete the services agreement and pay the registration fee. Registration will give you access to the Parksmart application materials, including the Documentation Submission Package.

2. Application preparation

Review the application and Parksmart Certification Standard to familiarize yourself with the program requirements.

Once you’ve identified the requirements your project meets, you’re ready to prepare your application and provide documentation to verify the sustainability strategies your garage has deployed. Both the Parksmart Certification Standard and the Documentation Submission Package identify the documentation requirements for each sustainability strategy outlined within the program. 

Throughout the entire certification process, our customer service team is available to you. Prior to submitting your application, you also have the opportunity to hold a call with the individual that will review your application. This is a great way to clear up any outstanding questions you have before submitting for certification.

3. Application submission

You’re now ready to submit for Parksmart certification. Submit your application to GBCI and complete payment of the certification fee.

4. Preliminary review

GBCI will review your application. Within 25 business days, you’ll receive a review report detailing the number of points you’ve been awarded and providing guidance as to what additional documentation is needed to achieve those points you may have sought, but were not awarded.

If you’ve achieved certification, congratulations! If not, no need to worry—we encourage you to take advantage of a second call with your reviewer. Your reviewer will clarify why points were not awarded and answer any questions you may have about how they can be achieved.

5. Final review

Using the feedback you received in your review report and the guidance provided by your reviewer, update your application and submit for a second round of review. GBCI will review your application and provide an updated review report within 25 business days.

6. Appeal review

If you don’t achieve certification after the final review, don’t fret, we have a path for you. You may submit for additional rounds of review. These rounds of review are similar to the two previous rounds; however, additional fees apply.

We encourage you to reach out to us at any time with questions you have about the program. Detailed instructions on the certification process can be found within the Guide to Parksmart Certification.

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