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Megan Sparks

At USGBC, we often talk about the fact that you can’t manage what you can’t measure. There are many factors that can impact the performance of a building, and knowing your energy and water usage is the first step in spotting and addressing any issues as soon as they crop up. This is also why GBCI requires LEED projects to provide energy and water data on an ongoing basis.

Meet energy and water data sharing requirements

  • All LEED 2009 projects are required to share whole building energy and water data, as stated in Minimum Program Requirement 6: Must commit to sharing whole-building energy and water usage data.
  • In LEED v4, the MPR was shifted to a set of prerequisites: EA prerequisite Building-Level Energy Metering and WE prerequisite Building-Level Water Metering.

All projects that are up to date in sharing data will receive recognition in the LEED project directory.

Historically, performance tracing tools have been limited by location or local standards. GBCI has understood these various barriers to reporting and the associated costs, and has been mindful of implementing this requirement. With the introduction of Arc, the new performance platform from GBCI that allows you to collect and measure data, GBCI is providing LEED projects with a mechanism to report performance data, regardless of where they are in the world, that has been fully tested across a number of projects and project types. All LEED projects have access to Arc.

LEED is holistic system, though, so why stop at energy and water? We encourage project teams to share data on other categories—transportation, human experience and waste metrics—as it will help them validate and track how they are performing against their LEED certification. No other platform available today does this.

Tracking data across these categories generates a score for the project and enables you to understand how your building performs compared to similar buildings in your local area and across the globe.

Evaluate performance

You’ve done all of the hard work of implementing green building best practices, whether in design, construction or operations, and now is the time to see how your work has paid off.

If you have any questions regarding data-sharing requirements specific to your project, please contact us. See what Arc can do for your project, and if you haven’t already, link it to your projects in LEED Online.

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