Understanding federal compliance and the "Guiding Principles"

Melissa Baker

Updated January 2017

Working on a project for a federal agency? Odds are, you’re familiar with the Guiding Principles.

The Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI) offers a third-party assessment of compliance with the Guiding Principles for new and existing buildings. This offering is a robust analysis coupled with simple, easy to use tools. We can help you evaluate your success, streamline reporting, and guide your efforts.

Long a leader in sustainable, high performance buildings, the federal government has criteria that define a high performance building: the Guiding Principles for Federal Leadership in High Performance and Sustainable Building and for the Department of Defense the UFC 1-200-02. Setting and meeting high performance targets is one of the reasons why the federal government has been a leader in the green building sphere, with thousands of buildings certified by GBCI that conserve resources, support the agency’s mission and set a leadership example.

The combination of the federal requirements and a third-party assessment of compliance work together to ensure the best possible performance in federal buildings. GBCI's depth and breadth of knowledge of green building practices and extensive experience as the world’s premier third-party verification organization makes the process easy while giving your program robust independent validation. The program is easy to use with simple tools and clear guidance from an experienced team that you know and trust.

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Here’s how it works


Step 1: Tell us about your project

Once we know more about your project we can pair you up with a dedicated GBCI team member and get you on your way. If you’re also pursuing LEED certification for your project, we’ll help streamline the process to avoid duplicative work on your end through a crosswalk of LEED and the Guiding Principles requirements.


Step 2: Collect and assemble documentation

Review the Guiding Principles Assessment Handbook and Technical Guide. These documents will take you through the process; showing you all of the options for compliance and documentation.


Step 3: Submit data to GBCI

Send all documentation to GBCI and complete the review process. .


Step 4: Your assessment report

Once the assessment is complete, the project will receive a report indicating status of compliance with the Guiding Principles and an official GBCI certificate.

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