USGBC launches "It Takes a Village to Save a Planet" video series

Geetanjali Prasad

Climate change is not a myth, nor a phenomenon of a faraway future. Climate change is real, and it is happening now. Scientists, governments, industries and sustainability professionals have immersed themselves in devising new ways to tide over this crisis. Citizens, too, are going the extra mile to do everything it takes to save their planet.

As part of Greenbuild India 2020 in Bengaluru, India, USGBC launches the "It Takes a Village to Save a Planet" series to celebrate five heroes of sustainability, from five villages in five diverse regions of India.

The stories include:

  • Snow-capped Uttarakhand in the north, where local employment is being generated by creating sustainable clothing
  • Rajasthan in the west, where the community created a forest from barren land by planting trees whenever a girl child is born
  • Tamil Nadu in the south, where local women are ensuring proper waste management
  • Nagaland in the far east, where organic family farming is a way of life
  • Madhya Pradesh in the center, where tribal women are preparing to use solar power for cooking and are running their lives with almost 100% organic choices

Stay tuned for five incredible stories from rural India, where extraordinary individuals are using ingenious strategies and novel ideas to make our planet sustainable for future generations to live better and longer.

Watch the video:

Greenbuild India 2020

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