USGBC partners with TAIPEI 101 for Smart Trend Exhibition

Alok Jhunjhunwala

This year, USGBC partnered with TAIPEI 101, the organizers of the first-ever “TAIPEI 101 Smart Trend Exhibition,” for the five-day forum in August for companies around the globe.

As the world's first "tallest building" to achieve LEED Platinum using LEED v4, TAIPEI 101 aims to set an example for all buildings and promote the use of smart green technology. As TAIPEI 101 Chairman Joseph Chou said during the inauguration, “TAIPEI 101 cannot be the [only] one of its kind, but [must] efficiently use our landmark advantage to be the promoter for smart and innovative applications by combining all industry leaders' power to build the sustainable smart technology platform that propagates green innovations.”

TAIPEI City Vice Mayor Charles Lin extolled the advantages of building a Smart City and was very enthusiastic about engaging industry leaders in the development of smart technology. This is also reflected in the spirit of the annual Smart City Forum hosted in Taipei, which explores various technologies that helps Taipei become a more friendly, livable and energy-saving smart city.

Twelve iconic tech companies participated in the inaugural TAIPEI 101 Smart Trend event to showcase the newest state of technology. Apoorv Vij, Senior Manager, GBCI, discussed Arc, a state-of-the-art digital platform that uses real-time data to help LEED and other green building projects benchmark, measure and improve sustainability performance across water, energy, waste, transportation and human experience. The platform also allows projects to compare metrics to other local, regional and global averages, thus enabling project teams to make more informed decisions to improve performance.

Other organizations such as Siemens, Philips, OTIS, Kimberly Clark and UL also showcased innovations, each contributing to a smarter and greener built environment. One example was Xing Mobility’s “Miss E” race car, the first electric race car designed, developed and manufactured in Taiwan.;

By bringing together smart technology endeavors across the industry, TAIPEI 101 leads on the path to helping Taiwan become part of a global Smart City family.

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