Using LEED for Cities to measure and improve performance [video]

Nora Knox

In addition to building certification, LEED includes a certification for cities to measure and improve performance, focusing on outcomes from ongoing sustainability efforts.

As a city leader, you want your city to be among the best—a healthy and safe place where citizens can thrive.

LEED for Cities gives you access to powerful measurement and management technology, which helps cities measure and communicate city sustainability performance across an array of metrics.

Using Arc—our online scoring and benchmarking platform—cities can capture metrics across an expandable array of performance indicators and easily share it in ways that will drive engagement and healthy competition. Cities can start big or small. You can start with a modest number of data streams and metrics, and then expand to meet your city’s goals. Use it to focus on an eco-district, a micro-grid or a single neighborhood. Arc allows you to measure and monitor at any scale.

Visit to learn more about how LEED for Cities is helping cities improve quality of life, improving sustainability performance and verifying and recognizing leadership.

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